Welcome to the Canada - Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Connection

Ohio Aerospace Institute signs historic agreements with
Aero Montreal and the Consortium for Research and
Innovation in Aerospace Quebec
Front: Clement Fortin, Suzanne Benoit, Michael Heil (OAI)
Back: Rainer Kunau, Thomas Moore, M. Gilles Labbé,  
Eric Marquis

Greetings Colleagues,

It’s been almost a year since our inaugural Canada-Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Summit.  Since that time we’ve listened, we’ve learned, and we’ve planned an even better second Summit in Cleveland, Ohio.  You’ll hear some innovative new ideas; meet some of our industry leaders; and, we believe, come away with a better appreciation of how both sides of the border can benefit form a stronger strategic collaboration.

This year we will focus on generating a stronger presence and continuing growth (both industry and organization).  We’d love to share our thinking during these two days:

   - Being strategic (rather than tactical) allows greater future flexibility
   - Collaboration is the new lexicon of successful alliances
   - Forging implies stronger relationships and also a willingness to innovate
   - Promoting alliances is the bond for cohesion and mutual gain

Remember, our goal of this annual summit is to foster powerful and lasting relationships among businesses, associations, thought leaders and academics in Canada and the United States.